Isabels baking made easy…



    Isabel’s one-woman whirlwind of gluten-free creativity; Isabel’s product range are all naturally gluten, wheat and dairy free – without additives or added sugars – for all the family to enjoy. Established in 2005, Isabel’s gluten free product range provide coeliacs, and those catering for coeliacs with a tastier, more exciting &convenient choice.

    Cassava flours are one of our main ingredients. It was actually Isabel’s experience with this ingredient and know-how for creating blends using cassava flours that inspired the Isabel’s range. The resulting dough has a versatile strength and elasticity, and it proves you don’tneed wheat to make good dough.

    Both coeliacs and non-coeliacs love our top quality cupboard staples, which certainly makes life easier for the person doing the cooking! Give us a try and let us know your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you. Read more about Isabel’s from gluten free b.