The Allergy and Free From show in Glasgow…11-12 march 2017 SEEC Glasgow


Do you live with allergies, intolerances, eczema or coeliac disease?

Do you live ‘free from’ gluten, wheat, eggs, nuts or dairy, or need to avoid dust mites, latex or any other material?


If you answered yes to any of the above, or someone you care about could, then these events are made for you.

In short, The Allergy & Free From Shows are weekend events full of products (food, drink, skin / hair care, household items and more), cooking classes, talks, expert advice, kids activities – the list goes on – all ‘free from’ and all dedicated to helping you to improve your life.

Never been to an event like this before?

Well, you are in for a treat. When you arrive at the venue, you will be directed into a huge hall where you can:

Taste incredible food and drink
Try gorgeous skin and hair care
Enjoy inspirational cooking classes
Talk to Consultant experts
Family friendly, with kids’ activities

Fun. Shopping. Tasting. Learning. Sharing. Solutions. Advice.  More Fun!

With everything going on, you really will have a truly unique day out.



Meet the experts

We love our show Partners and value what they bring to each of our events. And this year in Glasgow will be no exception, as you will find free information, services and friendly faces; all there, waiting to help you!

Talk about your needs face to face with Allergy Adventures, Allergy UK, Coeliac UK, The Anaphylaxis Campaign, FoodsMatter, Goodness Direct, Live Gluten Free, National Ezcema Society, The IBS Network and more. Keep an eye on the partners page on our website for regular updates!

Want to know more?

Here at Allergy / f2f Events Ltd, we have been running the London show since 2009. Every year it gets bigger and bigger so in 2012, we launched another in Liverpool, in 2015 we launched in Germany and 2016 will see the launch of our Scottish edition; that will mean four shows every year!


Want to know what people like you think about the shows?

“I didn’t think there would be so many stalls , so much option and I am really, really impressed! I don’t feel as terrified by my diagnosis now, because I know it means that I can still have a lot of the food that I thought I couldn’t before!”

“Come along so you don’t feel over-whelmed and on your own! You’ve got other people that are in the same position and lots of products out there to help you on the way!”

“I’ve loved it! I’ve been able to try different things. I’ve found bread that tastes of bread, cakes that taste of cakes – so I am very happy!”