CDC says restaurants could do more to prevent food allergies


About 15 million Americans suffer from food allergies, so they have to be careful when they eat out at restaurants.

According to a new study from the CDC, eateries could do a lot more to help protect consumers from those allergies, which result in about 30,000 emergency room visits at year.

The study found that most restaurants do have ingredient lists or recipes available for most or all of their food items; however, less than half of the restaurant staff in the survey received training on food allergies.

Those that did receive some training were often not taught how to respond to a customer’s bad reaction.

Researchers also found that most restaurants did not have dedicated areas or equipment for preparing and cooking allergen-free good. Their study recommends that restaurants set aside these dedicated areas and improve training for staff regarding food allergies.

For those customers that have allergies, the study recommends that they do research before eating out. They encourage customers to ask questions about recipes and preparation.

And, of course, customers should not travel without allergy medication.